Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hello Fans!

I have been informed that this happens to be the rainiest August that Scotland has experienced in I get to be here to experience it...lucky me:)

So what else is happening in Keri-Land...well im happy to say that im still 23....I still have a good 72 hours left to milk my youth...and then its all over. Yes, there is a huge difference between 23 and I explained to Shannon earlier in the week...there are just some things you can get away with when youre 24 that you can't get away with when youre 23....ummmm...she could probably enlighten you with a few examples.....(I Heart you Shannon...haha).

So what are my plans for B-day?....well Im thinking Beer and peanut butter...sounds good doesnt it.Ummmmmmm... I may just have to work in the evening so the peanut butter may have to wait till after 9pm....but it will be good times:)

Oh and I can officially say with out any hesitation that I know what Edinurgh looks like at 3am.....i finally, after 3 months....made it out past 12pm...hmmmmmmm...maybe there is something to this getting oder thing. But tell me how someone completely sober can wake up the next day and be sicker than all the drunken folk?.....that one is a question for science!

Ok...thats all for now
stay tuned
Keri x

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Ok..this has officially become the BRING BECKY ROGERS TO SCOTLAND BLOG-LOG!
I accept cash and most major credit cards...If we can get her here by January 05, you receive, in return, the satisfaction of knowing you did something right for a change.

REMEMBER - You can save a child from starvation any bloody day of the year.....How many opportunities do you get to reunite a kewi and her beckel? Think about it. The choice is yours. Pick up your cheque book today.

x Keri

Monday, August 16, 2004

That's Crikey!

What does this term mean you may be asking...well as Canadians you wouldn't be familiar with this term as it is part of my much nativer (is that a word?) language. You see fans, I reckon that I have discovered that I am ....are you ready for Aussi....Yes folks, I do come from the land down under..where women glow and men punder! Do you hear, do you hear the thunder?

How come noone has brought this to my attention before this month....did you see it fit to deny me of my true nationality, my heritage, my PEOPLE! How could you?????

Ok ok...enough dramatics... yes...someone thought I was Australian. Here's the story. I was waiting paitently in line at the cafe at work. Upon reaching the register, the work lady asked what I was having. I replied "I'm having chips and a can of coke". Slowly a smile, crept over her wrinkled little face and she asked "Are you Australian dear?"........"No, no...actually I'm Canadian"............(Work Lady) "Oh". (conversation ended).

The funny part of it all was that my actual aussi friend was standing right beside me in the line-up....I suppose I'm now Aussi by association!... :P

Anyways...hmmm..what else is going on?....well Jen, Shannon and I volunteered all day Sunday at the Fringe Festival in the city. The fringe is the biggest arts festival in the world and I managed to become the worst volunteerer in the world by using my time as a Site Stuart to walk around the festival for 6 hours and do absolutly nothing except watch the performers, chat to friends and elimate the programs I was supposed to handing out by chucking them in my backpack and convienently forgetting about them...hmmm.....that doesn't seem like me does it? Haha..but it was a brilliant day and was so much fun! Well for me anyways...I think Jen and Shannon actually had to concept:)

On a more funny and sad note, I decided to do something good for my fellow "people of society" today and marched myself down to the nearest blood donating clinic (well, with some encouragment from fabulous Jen) and rolled up my sleeve. Unfortunatly, about 2 minutes and 2 needles later, they rolled it back down and politly declined my offer. My Iron levels were .3 below what the minum standard is for donating blood in this country. Basically, I have to eat a hamburger and come back in six months. We'll see.

Well, I suppose thats all for this blog log.....nothing else is happening...Ill keep you posted:)

Happy Birthday Kendra and Colin:)

Missing you all,
Till next time...I leave you with....
Men at Work - Down Under

Traveling in a fried-out combieOn a hippie trail, head full of zombieI met a strange lady, she made me nervousShe took me in and gave me breakfastAnd she said,"Do you come from a land down under?Where women glow and men plunder?Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover."Buying bread from a man in BrusselsHe was six foot four and full of musclesI said, "Do you speak-a my language?"He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwichAnd he said,"I come from a land down underWhere beer does flow and men chunderCan't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?You better run, you better take cover, Yeah"Lying in a den in BombayWith a slack jaw, and not much to sayI said to the man, "Are you trying to tempt me?Because I come from the land of plenty"And he said,"Oh! Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder?Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder? You better run, you better take cover."(repeat till end, without <>'s)

Sunday, August 08, 2004


Well i just spent the past day looking at old Roman bath water and a bunch of stones in a potatoe field....hmmmmmmmmmm........well it was quite a bit more exciting than that. Today i visited Stonehenge...and for any of you that are oblivious to what this is....remember the rock formations that the Grizwald's backed into on 'National Lampoons European Vacation'?...well thats where i was....and shhhhhhhhhh....dont tell anyone...but we snuck felt so officially a law breaker:) ....if anyone is talking to my mom..Kathleen made me do it.

Anyways...this evening Im spending my final night in Bath, England....a town in the South East of England...and it is the home of the 2000 year old Roman Baths...which are bascially hot springs. I managed to paddle in it for a few minutes before i was told to remove myself from the water.....hmmmmm....the law breaker in me surfaces again....this may become a habbit!

Tonight....I rest....Tomorrow...I travel.....I will leave Bath in the am for Reading England.....hopefully i can then find a train back to Edinburgh.....we'll hope...cross your fingers for me:)

anyways....i have to depart...tell next time...happy blogging:)
Keri x

Monday, August 02, 2004

Ok Fans...

#1 sorry for the lack of blogging the past month....its not my social life thats keeping me away unfortunately...haha....blame msn....its addicting!

#2 Happy Belated Birthday Nick and Rob and Happy almost birthday Mark...sadly turingin 30 i think....its good to be the younger (much younger) sibling! And how could I forget....HAPPY BIRTHDAY (ALMOST) SHANNON!!!!!!!!!!! who, as I must point out, is also older than me:)

So what have I been up to?????? hmmmmmmmmm.....

Here is a run-down of the past month:

-well if any of you hvae not been reading Shannon or Jen's blog, we've moved into our new flat...its PERFECT!!! (apparently i say that alot over here).....

-Listened to Tom Jones play live at the castle in town...unfortunatly the nice gent next to us decided to take that time to also tell the world around him what he thought of a loud/drunken...kinda obnoxious state that only a True homeless scottish person could pull off.......but its all good....Tom was not phased:)

-We rented a car last weekend...ummm...i mean hired a car last weekend.....drove around most of the country and ....visited with Nessie for tea on the lake....she says hi:)

-Drank most of the weekend on account of it being Scotland and we had a flat warming party so it was sorta an obligation.

-Saw Jen in a whole new light last night....ummm..i won't go into details...but if any of you need anyone knocked off...i think i have your girl! (I Heart you Jen:) )

-Worked every day Monday to Friday 9-5 ....thats all you need to know about my professional life or lack of a professional life.


Thats the main stuff....

-Booked a train ticket to Bath and Stonehendge in England for this coming weekend....ill let you know.

Cheerio mates.....till next time...and we'll all pray its sooner than last time:)

Later Gators
Keri x

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Hi Everyone,

Janet this one is for you...sorry for the lack of updates...hope this makes up.

So its saturday am and Im disappointed to see that there is no one on MSN...ahhh...this whole time change bit is driving me nuts....i cant talk to anyone until the evenings. anyways....thats my rant on that!

So right now im sitting in the same cafe that has been famous by JK Rowling....for any of you who are not familiar with this name...she is the author of the Harry Potter books. This cafe is the place where she wrote the first book in the series. I'm having a lovely breakfast on my own and am planning on roaming around the city for the better part of the morning to look at the different shops and such. I havent done that in looking forward.

The ladies of Aberdeen are gracing us with their presence this afternoon. We're heading off to North Berwick whick is a town just outside edinburgh and were going camping on the beach. Ive been looking forward to it all week.

Hmmmmmmm...what esle is happening. Well some of you may know Jared Hogg....a business guy from UPEI...he just finsihed staying with us for the better portion of the week....hes off now to travel around europe for the next couple of months.

Canada day was brilliant over here....partied at a friends house and went to a pub that was actually celebrating canada day...the place was packed with canadians all was a sea of red and white.....great time.

On a sentimental note: have learned my first lesson of many (im sure) in being here and think i leanred the hard way:

to all of you out there in my blog land - Never walk away from something unless your absolutly sure youre prepared to lose it....and never be scared to tell the truth.

ok ok...enough with the sentimental stuff...

happy blogging everyone....
Keri x

Thursday, June 24, 2004

This was an idea that Jen posted on her blog:

Here's an idea: instead of facing the reality that your university career is ending and you need to be an "adult", why don't you move to Edinburgh and hide from the future with me? -jen macphail...aka Jenga

ok I know a post has been long overdue but least i got the pics up and it only took 6 weeks....

So based on this blog you can all assume im still alive. Here's a quick 5 point run down of what I've up to:

1)weekend-went to london. saw some stuff....mostly the RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS in Hyde Park.....but who's bragging

2) went to london on a bus and then made the mistake of returning on the same one...ummm...note for future..dont take busses....especially 10 hour busses with babies and snorers(is that a word???)...and seat push backers....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

3) got a new job....same department....weirder people...but at least my own age this time....may join them tomorrow for a pint....hey...i am weird people

4) found a library close to my internet..well i cant take that credit....cheers flatmates

5) met hat sales people in a hostel...didnt buy a hat

of course there has been more..this is only the tip of a Crazzyy iceburg in a land called Keri-Lot...but as they one wants to buy the icecream when you're giving away the truck for free....(i think THEY meant something else by that but..hey...its relevant)....I just know im going to keep you all in suspense till the next blog log....

till then...
happy blogging

miss you loads

PS Thanks for commenting Melissa....please post me email address...lost your new one.Thanks x

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ok Pics are up..see if you can access....Blogger has been messing up lately.....let me know

Thursday, June 10, 2004


So how is everyone.....hmmmmmmmmmmm....did you all ace the test?

Thanks to my good friend to the South...Miss Becky Rogers.....for adding me to her blog.....(Becky's in New Zealand currently...and despite what she says....there was no crimes to be had in Ireland...thats they say..its not a crime unless someone gets caught.....thats what they say right....hmmmmmmmmmm....:)

for anyone who wants to read about beckys adventures..check out a link to her page on the right hand side of this webpage.....

So I just got off work...another day anotther dollar. I cant get over how nice people here are....i think its the thing that surprised me the dont get that in every city.....its really nice.

This weekend im heading out to Sterling.....a town about 1 hour from Edinburgh....for any of you who haven't heard of it...a movie called Braveheart might strike a memory....Sterling is where the original Braveheart took place....the place where the real William Wallace faught for freedom hundreds of years ago.....the girls from Aberdeen (fellow Co-opers from UPEI) are meeting me there. shoudl be good fun.

Next weekend....London.....and after that who knows.....

well unfortunatly I have to bid farewell.....Im starving and need to get back to flat for some food.....cheers all

Stay in touch....
miss you as always

Friday, June 04, 2004

OK folks (and IM sorry if this posts 3 times) commemorate our 3 week anniversary + 1 day in Scotland..I have compiled a little lingistic profile for you based on our experience here...

Scottish Dictionary 101:

ta = thank you

cheers = sometimes thank not just say it everytime you leave someone

mates = friends

will I = should I

aye (pronounced "I") = yes

lassie = girl

bloke = guy

steaming = drunk

a pint (not pronounced POINT!!!!) = glass of beer

chat you up = talk to you

hoover = vacume

fag = cigarette

the loo = bathroom

mobile = cell phone

laser = debit card

flat = apartment

flatmates = roommates

biscuits = cookies

mmmmmggggggghiiiiiisssssssaaaaaaa = drunken scot language make sure you will be tested at a later date:)

Well that's all I got for you is good.....flatmates are good...just bought a bus ticket to London for the June 18th going to a beer festival on Saturday....hmmmmmm....should be interesting.....

gotta get home now...Big Brother is on at 9pm......this week because of Kitten's rebillious beghaviour, one of her flatmates will be kicked dramatic.....will it be the bi-guy or the trany.....eck.....I can barely sit still...

cheers mates....
miss you

Monday, May 31, 2004

From Jen's Blog to mine....


So yesterday there was a "football match" that pitted Scotland against... someone. I have never seen so many skirts in one bar. Skirts on men. National pride here is huuuuuuuge, and the many drunk blokes randomly start singing Scotland-pride songs. The game was 1:30 in the afternoon, and when we went out to the bars at 7:00 the streets were still swarming with men in their kilts, blue Scotland shirts, funny hats, etc. So for the next match it has been decided that us Canadian girls will invest in markers, white shirts, and face paint so we can join the celebrations.

By the way, ever try to make out a drunk Scottish person? Here is what it sounds like muffled by the sounds of a loud bar: MWOAIJOIEWJKL MWA MWA HA JAJA ROOOOOOOOOOOARRRRRRJK

If this doens't convince all you ladies to come visit...I don't know what will...........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Sunday, May 30, 2004

Below is an portion of one of Jen's Blogs..I share her concern on this issue......but please dont forget to read below becasue I posted a blog of my own....

Dearest Fans:

I have been noticing a crazy phenomina on the streets of Edinburgh. The cobblestone streets pose a danger to everyone, despite what footwear one wears. Us Canadian girls have been known to have our toes caught on uneven sidewalk. However, the local girls seem to survive by travelling the streets in high heels. Three-inch stiletos are quite the rage, and it will be one trend that I partake in.

In all seriousness, I have no idea how it is done. I see girls in bars that can barely stand in their shoes, but somehow they don't die on the walk to or from the bar.


plus did i mention....we went on a ghost walk on Thursday...we went underground into the 200-300 yr old vaults of edinburgh......considered to be the most haunted spot in Scotland.......people died there and its where bodies were hidden that had been robbed from graves......I'll explain it all in a later blog.....was a good time though but think I will sleep with one eye open from now on....hmmmmmmmmmmm

Hey all.....

sorry for the lack of blogging the past week...but thats what happens when you're a career girl....haha.....

My weekend was great...went to the Zoo yesterday...FYI...did you know that lizards don't make very good house pets. Oh...we've become quite to Kareokee queens since first arriving....compliments of Jen....Friday night was "brown eyed girl"...a little tribute to the Peakes Quay crowd.....thank you...thank you very much:)

Oh...Friday night was huge here....they showed the final episode of Friends for the first time in the UK.....then last night we stayed up and watched 3 hours of the best fun.

Today we attempted to climb to the top of Arthur's Seat...this huge hill on the outskirts of the city...key word: attempted...turns out we climbed half way up the wrong hill.....ack....well.....points for trying.....maybe next weekend. Hey at least this time I didnt fall down the hill....yes that has happened.....yes that has happened recently....yes it did hurt......

Tonight....Quiz Night!!!!!!!!!

Ok..well I should get off now.....have to go home for some supper......Ill check in with you all soon.....cheerio

On a final note: guess what I just found out......the Dalilama (is that how its spelt???) will be in Edinburgh on June 1-2........YAY!!!!!! ummmmmmmmmm....i think YAY!

as always...missing you all

Sunday, May 23, 2004

hey all...

Ok..before you all hate me....yes...i tried to get my pictures put on today but apparently I need to get them burned to a disk first....will try and get to that this week....pinky swear:)

So Ive just realized from the last couple of blogs,... that you must be thinking all Im doing is drinking over here.....well thats simply not the truth...well not we have been enjoying the nightlife, we have been taking in alot of educational information as for instance.....mac and cheese comes in cans over here...go figure.....and...yes folks....they will pay pale skinned people here to be part of medical research experiments....ummmmmmmmm...Shannon and I got the knows what we'll come back looking like:P

The weekend was great...met up with an old friend from home.....she's been living in Edinburgh for a year+ now.....she took us out to some great night was so hot today so we went to the Meadows ....well I got lost and then went to the meadows.....a huge park in the city......I know Ive mentioned this before..but its absol. crazy how many nationalities are here and how perfectly eveyone seems to coexist .....

Yesterday we said good bye to our first travel friend....he was from BC...a friend of a friend.....he was staying with us for a couple days.....thats what sucks about being a traveller...because you tend to gravitate toward other travellers and eventually everyone goes home......not fair!

anyways..on a good note...I start my first day of work in 13 hours....wish me luck:)
as always...I miss you


Friday, May 21, 2004

Hey everyone...

wow im posting alot this week aren't I? well its cause its free....for some odd reason the tourist bureau is not charging for internet this week...which is a rare find in these parts.

so...4 shots later....3 drinks.....Kareokeee.....yes I did it..ballroom blitz.....enough said. Was a great night...we went to this pub called the Balushi' thing I saw last night...a canadian flag hanging from the ceiling....written across it...


Oh so I got a job....well sorta...its for one week starting on MOnday....general admin work at the local hospital.....the pay is sorta dodgy and the work offers no challenge to me at all.....but hey.....its a paycheque:) This is the procedure that most people go through get a couple week long jobs until they can find something permanent for you. Hopefully this will all work out.......if anything its a great way to meet new folks. Maybe Ill actually meet a Scotish person out of all this....seriously......In the week we've been here I've met 3....yes 3....only 3....actual scotish people......Edinburgh is such a multinational country.....

anyways....I should go....I know I keep promising pictures..and they're coming.....stay tuned:)

missing you....

Thursday, May 20, 2004

FYI: this is a section from Shannon's Blog..thought you might like it:


Little Differences

* Eggs are not refrigerated at the grocery stores..they sit out on the shelves
* English muffins are simply called white muffins
* At traffic lights..instead of the logical Red, Green, Amber sequence,the Scots use the alternative Red, Amber Green sequence..yes, so drivers are cautioned that they will soon be able to accelerate and hit some poor Canadian girl who is simultaneously trying to text on her mobile phone and is checking for traffic in the opposite direction
* Tax is included in everything, eliminating need for use math skill s(woohoo), but making everything appear more expensive
* Money..especially coins..are confusing, both in size and denominations. No 25 cent piece..and the ten pence is massive, while the 20 p is much smaller
* Cold and hot water come out of different taps..actually in our case..boiling hot water seems to be only thing coming from showerhead..lovely on a sunburn!

Big Differences
* Almost impossible to get a bank account without giving blood
* Massive number of temp agencies..appears to be a primary way of securing job
* Very, very international city..have I met any Scottishpeoplel yet? I don't know..can't distinguish between the accents
* Males..that is all I am saying at the moment
* Everything..and I mean everything is more expensive..even when you factor in wage differences. This means I will have to resort to a budget (blah!)..oh, and get a job I suppose

So, in short - Edinburgh is far the only kind ofpeoplel we'veencounteredd have been the super friendly and kind ones!Thee weatherhase been extraordinary..I can't believe it is May!

Hi all

so I know you're all dying to know what I'm up to these days. Well today Im a bit groggy....enjoyed a little too much of the drink last night...but was great...I hadn't slept in two days on account of my it put me right to sleep...:)

Im hoping to hear back from some temp agencies this week....I spent two hours in testing yesterday at one of them....yes...temp agencies here put you through computer testing and interviews before they register you. It kinda sucks...but if you get a job out of it...its great. However, I am sorta enjoying the no hassle work schedule I'm on right now...I could get used to it....hmmmmmmmmm.....

Oh...I have to mention Boris. He's this very scottish older man who we're renting from...he's the greatest. Everything in the apartment is like ancient...I mean the stove is gas powered..meaning...yes folks...we have to light matches to cook anything....ackkkkkkkkk.....they'll be an explosion any day now Im we kinda casually asked if there was a toaster available....and low and behold...last night Boris...(or Uncle Boris as we have nicknamed him) showed up with a brand new toaster for us.........very nice.....then he gave us a lift up to the castle......there was a thing going on there......we missed it.....which is where the drinking came into play. We went for drinks at this place called the Last none of you can guess where that name comes from???????

Its called that because its where they hung people in the city. You can actually get you picture taken in the spot where the dead people hung.....well...if you're morbid like me and into that sort of

anyways....I should head out now.....thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments....those of you who dont know how ....just click on the comments link above this can post from there.

well.....have a good day everyone.
I miss you all.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

hi everyone

so we said we were going to job search today but ummmm...we're
well not really.....ah well...we have to whole week to get to that.
Thanks to eveyone who has been leaving messages for me.

I dont really have alot to relay backto you. I think this weekend we're going to take the bus out to Galsgow..which is a city about 1 hour from here. Jen and I have decided to travel to London in Mid June to see some of her friends that have travelled around Europe for the last little while.

Oh,.....I have a terrible sun burn...I all are feeling bad for me. The weathe r on PEI must not be at that stage yet. address in case anyone wants it is

29 Drummond PLace
Edinburgh Scotland

Im at this one until the end of July. SEND ME LETTERS....hint hint:)

well I guess thats it....imsorry I haven't been posting more...when I start doing more ..ill be sure to get in some good stories.


Monday, May 17, 2004 not sure what is going on with my blog but my last two posts have disappeared..i hope you see this one.

Things are going in another country has is toughness....but all in all...I cant think of a better place to be setting up shop. Edinburgh is beautiful and so full of history. + you can walk 10 minutes and be in, what feels like the country. Yesterday Jen and I went exploring the castle that usedf to belong to Queen Mary of the 1500's, then we climbed this hill that held the ruins of an old church....on the hill, you could see the entire city of endinburgh along with the ocean. It was so beautiful and the fact that it was +20, made it even better.

oh..we found a place to live....its in the nice part of town and only a ten mionute walk from the city centre. we ahve it till the end of july.

tomorrow we're going to start job hunting.....cross you fingers for us.

Im hoping to get some pictures on here soon....keep checking...I have to go now...Ill make my next entry longer. Im not sure what is happening with my blog but some of my postings are deleting or being posted in the wrong area.....It's not because Im not writing.

I hope all is well in Canada. I miss you all.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Hello out there...

well the flight went well...very tired at the end it though!
I'm in Edinburgh now, we're staying at this, well, ok-ish hostel....well I guess it is secure and all but the sooner I leave there the better. We're actually looking at some places today...cross your fingers for us. This city is very expensive and from speaking to everyone else, very hard to find a flat to live in.....we've had to stoop to ummmm fibbing is the right word...we've had some funny experiences...but those are better left for another blog as I don't have much time right now.

other than that, the city is beautiful...cold but beautiful. I'm looking forward to taking the weekend to a tourist....and dispite the popular belief that Edinburgh is a snobby city....nothing can be further from the truth....everyone has been nothing but nice to us.

well I'm sorry for the shortness, I have to meet up with shannon and jen soon.....


Sunday, May 09, 2004

hello again.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Hi All...

Stay tuned....